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Discover the beautiful Romanian culture, one of the best kept folk culture in the world, through its main forms: ceramics, wood-cutting and sewings. Learn about Romania's traditions, history and habits.

All the products presented in this web site are 100% handmade by romanian craftsmen. Soon on this website: ceramics from Horezu and icons on wood.

Ceramics. One of Romania's greatest tradition and form of representing its well kept culture throughout the centuries, resisting to the influence of the modern waves. The craftmanship of pottery consists of the clay extraction and cleaning, modelling the vessel, drying the vessel, decorating the vessel, burning the vessel in a special stove and coating it with glaze or painting it depending on each region's tradition. The ceramics are spreaded all over the country but some of the regions maked themselves well known names all over the world: Corund, Horezu, Black Pottery and so on.
Sewings. Another impressionable way by which the Romanian countrymen express their imagination combining different decorative elements and colors resulting pieces of fine estetic. Products like: tableclothes, bedclothes, carpets, popular costumes meet also the practical need besides the estetic element, estetic wich has variations according to the part of Romania from where it belongs.
Wood. Let's not forget about the art of wood-cutting in the form of plates, vases, jugs, statuettes or the one of painting on wood, the well known Romanian icons on wood realised by artisanal artists in a tradition passed from generation to generation.

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100% handmade products

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